Grand Prix

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are the general ticket prices to the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang International Circuit?

I would like to fit this Grand Prix in with a trip to Thailand next year. The ticket prices have not yet been released. But I would like a general idea of how much a Sunday Grandstand ticket would cost so that I can budget whether heading to Kuala Lumpur is worth the detour.
I understand the ticket prices are considerably less here that of Britain & European GP's.

Any Malaysian travel tips or Grand Prix advice welcome.

Thanks in advance

Best Answer...


I paid around £132 for 2011 for k1 grandstand and if you book early enough you can pick your seat. This I advise to have a great view of the track.

Oh, and a few tips. Prepare to have a great time. The experience is amazing. The weather goes from one extreme to another and makes for a truly exciting race. But nobody cares about the weather. It is one of the friendliest races going and certainly the wettest. If there is going to be an action packed race it will be in Malaysia.
On a serious note, if you are a single traveller watch your bag in public. If you get the taxi always go for one who uses a meter (if they wont/don't get out, someone will want your service. You can live pretty cheap especially if you purchase local grown goods so costs will be low. Always buy bottled water for drinking, these can be purchased on practically any street between 350ml - 6litres.

Most importantly take in the atmosphere and enjoy yourself. The locals also like to party...