Reservoir Cap

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Frequently Asked Questions...

leakage from reservoir tank?

I have a 96 civic, that is semi-built, and from my coolant reservoir tank leaks coolant from where the cap is? I have checked even for torn hoses, even check and flush the radiator but there wasnt anything wrong with anything? I always see my reservoir cap moist from the coolant and i cant figure out why its doing that? Does anyone have suggestions why? I would appreciate your help!
it doesnt overheat at all, and it doesnt fill up the reservoir tank either, maybe it could just be the cap being lose?

Best Answer...


Change the cap. Is the fluid all the way to the top of the reservoir. if not it's proabally just sloshing around and the cap has a bad seal. Also if it's overheating it will push all the fluid in to the resevoir and then go back into the system when it cools