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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do you remove a front hub assembly off a 1986 nissan truck?

I don't know the model of my truck exactly. I believe it is a 720. But I am trying to remove the front hub assembly, passenger side, and there is a lock ring on the spindle under the automatic cap. I need to know how to get that off and continue taking the CV Joint off.

Best Answer...


Remove and tie up the brake caliper take the snap ring off slide toward the end (careful not to launch it into the neighbors gravel driveway). This truck is up on jack stands right! now wipe off the grease and see the lock ring with two philips small bolts remove both bolts needle nose pliers take off the no turn washer now counter clockwise take off the retaining nut the part with the threaded holes and two larger non threaded holes. grab the rotor and pull the brake rotor off and place it in a clean cardboard box to keep dirt out of the hub bearings. Now your going to have to decide how much of this suspension do I replace while I am this dirty. Either top of bottom ball joint ans some times both have to be removed to take out the CV joint front half shaft. Tie rod ends drag links idler arm bushings A frame bushings ball joints all will be worn out on a 25 year old truck. Good Luck (you will get dirty dude) Better have the truck out of weather and have transportation to and from the parts stores. You will be lucky if you can have everything replaced and tightly rebuilt and alignment too before Thanksgiving.